Preschool Programs

We offer preschool for ages two through five years old. We use our own curriculum, developed through many years of experience and education, presented in a fun and creative way so that your preschooler develops a lifelong love of learning. 

We pride ourselves on being  an academic based preschool.  The heavy emphasis on Early Childhood Education prepares our children for entrance into Elementary School.  In addition, we teach manners, stranger danger, anti bullying and we follow fun and educational themes to encourage learning. 

We firmly believe in the concept of Emergent Literacy and we will stray from a lesson plan for the day to see where the children's interests take us!

We are a Christian based program, we pray before each meal, we discuss both meanings of Christmas and Easter and we say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday.

We do quarterly assessments to keep you updated on your child's progress and have two Parent Teacher conferences a year.

We encourage parent involvement with many inclusive activities such as Labor Day Picnics, Cardinal's Opening Day Parties and Parent Meetings.  Upon enrollment, you are given a Year at a Glance sheet that keeps you informed of upcoming important dates.


School Age Programs

JellyBean Island offers a nutritious breakfast to get your child off to school on the right foot and some free time to run off some energy on the playground (weather permitting) after school.  We also provide homework help for students and parents requesting to get some or most of the homework done while in after care to free up some time at home.

We are also available on those early release days, teacher in service days and Christmas break and Spring break with fun field trips and activities to keep your school ager happy and interested.

The teacher to child ratio is 1:16 for 5 year olds through 12 year olds.

Be sure to check out our amazing Summer Program and all the things we do; ensuring your child has a fun and exciting summer!!


Summer Programs

JellyBean Island offers a fun and eventful summer with many field trips and in house activities all while making new friends and learning new experiences.

JellyBean offers summer camp, summer activities, field trips, summer education activities and summer fun.  If you have heard the common lament of "I'm bored" from your child, then see what we can offer. 

We also offer a summer "badge" program.  Your child could earn a "badge" after they complete a weekly theme project.  At the end of the summer, they will create a scrapbook with pictures and the badges they earn.

Click on the links below to download the typical calendar for the month in pdf format and review the various programs which your child could be enjoying.

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JellyBean Island Learning Academy

JellyBean Island Learning Academy


JellyBean Island Learning Academy recognizes the uniqueness of each young child. We are here to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for children. Our goal is to provide a stimulating early education experience which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development and we strive to promote a more inclusive and active culture of democracy.


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